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Trailer Sales Brisbane - Great Prices

Trailer Sales Brisbane - Great Prices

Austrailers Queensland is a premium manufacturer of custom Australian trailers located in North Brisbane. Local to both the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane CBD, Austrailers provide quality trailer manufacturing services including customised trailers and trailer parts to all of Brisbane North and the surrounding area. With our trailer parts delivery services, Austrailers Queensland proudly provides our trailer manufacturing services, trailer parts and trailer sales Brisbane wide.


We sell a range of different trailers including:


Box trailers - Box trailers are common, versatile trailers that can be used for transporting general goods and furniture. Usually opening at one or both ends for ease of loading, they can be towed by an average car or truck. Austrailers manufacture quality box trailers in a variety of sizes and styles and we also build custom box trailers to suit your needs

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Cage trailers- As with each trailer we manufacture, our cage trailers are made from quality steel to ensure their durability and lifetime. Cage trailers are suitable for most general purpose moving jobs. Their trademark high, caged, sides make it easy to secure your load and maximise the size of the load you can tow.

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Camper Trailers - Camper trailers generally include everything you need for camping including an in built tent. This means you can travel further and set up later in the day than if you were just using a regular tent. Austrailers manufacture a range of camping trailers including on road and off road camper trailers depending on your requirements. We also offer the option of customizations to any camping trailer we build.  

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Car trailers - A car trailer is a standard trailer that is both general purpose and economical.  We manufacture all of our car trailer on site so you can be assured that you are getting a strong and durable trailer Australian made from quality steel.

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Enclosed trailers - Capable of transporting smaller vehicles including quad bikes and motorbikes, enclosed trailers can be modified to transport almost any kind of cargo you may have. Austrailers Queensland can build custom made enclosed trailers to order on request.

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Lawn mowing trailers - Lawn mowing trailers can be in the form of fully enclosed or partly open trailers. When building a lawn mowing trailer we work with you to ensure it is built to your requirements including spaces for any equipment you may use and tie down points with full locking capabilities.

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Tandem trailers - A tandem trailer has two sets of axles as the name implies, we offer tandem trailers in most types of trailers we build. The extra wheel on a tandem trailer allows the trailer to be more stable with a heavier load than a single axle trailer. Tandem trailers are also capable of travelling at higher speeds and on highways with better stability.  

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Tipping trailers - Tipping or tipper trailers are used to transport sand, gravel, soil and other bulk materials. As the name implies, tipping trailers have the capability to tip up and unload the contents of the trailer onto the ground or another surface for ease of transportation.

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Tradesman trailers - Tradesman trailers are arguably the most customisable trailer. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes they can be customised to suit all of your trade needs including tool storage and transportation of large goods and building materials. With an option for multiple doors and compartments, they are one of the most versatile of all of the trailers we have available.
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We also sell trailer parts and if you can’t see the trailer you want, we can custom make trailers to your specifications.


Austrailers Queensland is a premium provider and manufacturer of spare parts and trailers for all of the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Queensland. We pride ourselves on being an industry leader in trailer manufacturing and trailer sales Brisbane wide. Call us on 07 3284 8911 for advice on which trailer best suits you, or if you already know what you want, call us to discuss how we can make your dream trailer a reality.

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